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Riso Scotti

Riso by Scotti vegetal drinks are produced after selecting our best organic cereals. After “cereal drink base’ is extracted from grains and seeds, it ultra-heat treated (UHT) and packaged. Its pleasant flavor gives an alternative to cow’s milk, especially in case of lactose intolerance.

Riso by Scotti vegetal drinks available in the UAE

  • Scotti My Smilky 1Ltr
  • Scotti Oat Barista Bio 1Ltr
  • Scotti Almond Unsweetened Bio 1Ltr
  • Riso Scotti Almond Original Bio 1Ltr
  • Scotti Risovital Soya Drink 1Ltr
  • Scotti Oat Original Bio 1Ltr
  • Scotti Rice Calcium Bio 1Ltr
  • Scotti Rice Original Bio 1Ltr

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