about us

Founded in 2008, Seven Oaks International is proudly home grown in the UAE. What began as a simple passion to provide consumers with environmentally friendly, socially responsible, healthy choices has grown into a highly-respected distribution business that represents many of the world’s most respected, ethically responsible, food and non-food brands. We distribute to over 400 retail outlets, within the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries, across various channels.

We have a dedicated team of sales personnel, merchandisers, promoters and marketing professionals to efficiently market our brands to target consumers by providing stand-out, on-shelf visibility and consumer product benefit education. A state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics infrastructure supports our outstanding service levels.

Seven Oaks International is part of Mazrui International LLC, a conglomerate group of companies based in Abu Dhabi. The group consists of more than 85 companies operating in the oil & gas, construction, retail, industrial, healthcare, education, logistics, property, and investment management services.

The company's business activities are primarily located in the GCC and the wider MENA region.


    We distribute more than 15 global brands that provide safe, responsible, environmentally friendly choices to consumers. These brands are category and market leaders. Our sourcing team selected them, brought them to the region, and successfully integrated them into the retail landscape. Each of our brands have earned a high level of trust and respect from consumers, and each of our brands have grown and expanded considerably since they were first launched.


    Our expertise, innovative product portfolio and professionally managed brand support are the reasons for our success. We deploy innovative marketing tools, partner with key influencers, and roll out compelling trade marketing activities to help drive brand awareness. Our core values and strong presence in more than 400 relevant retail outlets make us a partner of choice for aspiring global brands who want to expand into the region.


    Responsible brands that contribute to our consumer's wellbeing and become a part of their everyday lives. Such brands both non-food and food are our core business competency.


    Our brands are stored to international standards within a controlled warehouse infrastructure with temperature ranging from -25°C to ambient. Warehouse safety logistics are controlled via IT enabled Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).


    We are a brand partner of choice for many of the world's most respected eco-responsible, healthy choice brands. We work with our retail, online partners and specialists to provide consumers with intelligence insights to help them make appropriate lifestyle choices.