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In the course of almost two decades, our company and our product range have grown considerably and sustainably. Still, the three fundamental values on which I built Höllinger from the outset have constantly remained the same: simplicity, naturalness, mobility.
You will find these basic values in each and every element of our philosophy: in simple yet delicious recipes, in additive-free preparations and in the use of natural and unprocessed raw materials wherever possible. However, these principles also define our product range, which combines tradition with contemporary flexibility: we respond quickly and gladly to current tastes, nutritional trends and our customers' needs. Yet we never lose our aim, which we have clearly defined right from the outset many years ago: to bring the full flavor of nature directly into your glass – just as delicious as straight from the tree!

  • Pure Nature
  • Simply delicious
  • 100% Vegan
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from artificial sweetener & aroma
  • Free from artificial colorants

Hollinger Juice, Just loving nature!

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